Christmas Decorating Inspiration

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Tips on how to decorate your family Christmas tree and elevate the cosiness of your living room – making it a perfect host for that Christmas get together.

Nothing beats that feeling when you switch on the Christmas tree lights, fire up the candles and bask in that cosy Christmas glow, which carries you all the way into the New Year.

“ A splendid Christmas picture is a happy family gathered together in a living room cosied up with an accent of intimate perfection”

Tip 1: Showcase the special ones first, front stage!

“It doesn’t matter if your selection of ornaments match or which colour scheme you choose –it’s the family coming together and sharing the moment that makes it so special!”

Hang your favourite ornaments first, showcasing them on the front of the tree. Hang the rest starting with the large ones, spacing them evenly around the tree. Don’t forget to add some closer to the trunk and around the back of the tree to create depth.


Tip 2: Mix and match the old with the new!

Your tree wouldn’t be complete without those cherished heirlooms: your grandmother’s vintage golden owl; the angels your husband brought home during your first Christmas together; the handmade pieces that your kids brought back from school.
Yet, it doesn’t stop you from buying the HomesToLife ornaments, starting from $8.95. Your collection will only keep growing!


Tip 3: Finish dressing your tree by adding a personal touch with a handmade angel or star on the very top!

Let your kids explore their artistic talent. Give them a simple template to let them love designing and embellishing their very own angel or golden star. A quick and easy craft project with paper or fabric will allow them to burst in imagination. These bespoke keepsakes will be treasured by all the family for years to come! Bring to life your kids’ artwork and let them create their very own handmade decoration.


Tip 4: The Last Touch: “Wrap” the family gifts placed under the tree with a special wish gift card.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

Add an extra-special dimension to your Christmas wrapping by including gift tags with personalised messages and Christmas wishes. Have a special one for each member of the family! Tag every present with your blessing and gratitude. Bless them with good health, love and prosperity. Recall and cherish together the beautiful memories of 2015 and be ready to welcome the new year. May all your Christmas wishes come true!